Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

We are aware of the misery caused by the global problem of modern slavery and human trafficking  and the difficulties in tackling the issue. We take our responsibilities very seriously and wish to work  with our suppliers to ensure positive labour standards across all of our global supply chains. This  statement is made by Happy Hire (the Company) pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery  Act 2015.  

1) Our business and supply chains. 
We aim to be a leading provider of vehicle rental services. Our supply chains include vehicle  manufacturers, telecom/technology providers; vehicle parts/repairs, uniforms, transportation, etc.  The Company takes the following steps to identify risks of modern slavery and human trafficking  within our business and our supply chain. 

2) Our policies on slavery and human trafficking  
We strive to conduct our business in a manner consistent with the United Nations Guiding Principles  on Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organization's Fundamental  Conventions and are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in  any part of our business, including our supply chains. All of our employees are subject to the  Company’s Code of Conduct which requires that they adhere to the highest standards of ethics,  integrity and compliance in all aspects of our business. For our supply chain, the Company has  introduced Standards of Conduct which serve as the foundation of our relationships and represent  our commitment to ensuring that our suppliers uphold ethical standards. The Standards of Conduct  set out the Company’s expectations for our suppliers to uphold at all times ethical standards and  adhere to social and environmental responsibilities for the good of the communities that we serve  and the promotion of human rights including human trafficking, slavery, labour, human rights, anti bribery and anti-corruption and ethical behaviour in their business dealings.  
Our Standards of Conduct prohibit modern slavery and human trafficking, including specific  prohibitions on forced labour, child labour and the requirement to comply with wage laws and  protect employees from harassment and discrimination. We do not tolerate any physically abusive  disciplinary practices among our suppliers and partners. 

3) Supplier due diligence 
We assess risk related to human trafficking and forced labour associated with our supply chain through our supplier due diligence process.  

4) Training  
We provide our employees with training and guidance about the Company’s standards and expect  that they will adhere to these at all times. 

5) Monitoring and reporting 
We require our suppliers to assign a senior member of their business to promote compliance with  the Third Party Standards of Conduct and to aim to obtain commitment from their own suppliers to  comply with the Third Party Standards of Conduct. Our partners and suppliers are encouraged to  periodically conduct self-evaluations to ensure that they and their subcontractors comply with our  human rights standards, and requires them to use this information to identify and mitigate risks.  Suppliers are required to report to the Company any risks that cannot be mitigated and that may  impact the products or services they supply to the Company.  

Steve Farrier - Director